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Alice Zilberberg

Alice Zilberberg is an artist based in Toronto focusing on photography and creating images of a surrealistic nature through photo-based digital painting.

Born in Estonia and raised in Israel, art began to interest her at an early age. By the age of six, she had started painting. Zilberberg enjoys working with the art nude as she enjoys its classical aesthetic. Her concepts showcase the human body in its raw form, a way to bring attention to the natural aspect of it. Aside from working with nude models, she also likes to explore nature through her surreal animal series.

Zilberberg developed her own distinctive process for achieving her digital images. Her polished surrealism merges the characteristics of photography and paintings. Alice Zilberberg’s creative process consists of two processes photography and editing. Creating one of her works consists of getting an initial idea, researching, sketching, selecting a model, scouting a location, doing test shoots, and the actual shooting. Zilberberg photographs the model and the background separately. However, after the photography aspect, she then proceeds to the long process of digital painting and manipulation of the image. She merges two images digitally by using toning and coloring techniques.

Ethereal images mixed with fantasy, find inspiration from different influences in her life. Each encounter, personal experience, event, or ideas from others impact the development of her own visions. Thing such as other art, books, podcasts, travel, art galleries, and even going out for a walk can give her new concepts to explore. Her ideas come in pieces, rather than complete ones, often merging at some point to create and execute her photography.

Zilberberg's works are intensely conceptual. Her nude photography explores a variety of themes such as the human condition, the various aspects of identity, relationships, feelings, and emotions. Furthermore, her favorite project of mini-series “Above Water,” “Close to Shore,” and “Under the Sky,” explores her personal struggles with chronic fatigue and insomnia. Such ideas come through her images imbued with hidden meanings and metaphors. The symbolism included invites the viewer to look inside themselves, it invite dialogue.

Zilberberg has a BFA in Photography Studies from Ryerson University. Alice Zilberberg has earned various awards and recognition, even representing her alma mater in the Sony World Photography competition in 2009. Her achievements include placing first in the Monochrome Photography Awards for photo-manipulation in 2016 and coming in second place in the International Fine Art Photography Awards. She has participated in various solo, group exhibitions, and art fairs throughout Canada, in the United States, Spain, and even Tokyo.
List of solo exhibitions/shows:

Goddess Almighty Solo Exhibition • Bezpala Brown Gallery – Toronto, Canada
Who is Alice? Solo Exhibition • Bezpala Brown Gallery – Toronto, Canada

List of group exhibitions/shows:

Snap! Photography Live Auction • Arcadian court – Toronto, Canada
12th Pollux Award Exhibition • Gallery Valid Foto – Bercelona, Spain

ImageNation Paris • Galerie Joseph St. Martin – Paris, France
Art Takes Soho • See Me Gallery– New York, United States
Eye Buy Art Show • The Sussex Contemporary – Ottawa, Canada
Little Italy Art Show • Super Wonder Gallery – Toronto, Canada
Salon of Inclusiveness • Black Cat Showroom – Toronto, Canada
Myths, Legends, and Fairy Tales • KUMF Gallery – Etobicoke, Canada
Holiday Auction Fundraiser • John B. Aird Gallery – Toronto, Canada

Photography Now • First Canadian Place Gallery – Toronto, Canada
The Independents Show • Pop-up Gallery – Toronto, Canada
Salon of Inclusiveness • Black Cat Gallery – Toronto, Canada

Focus: Light and Shadow • Black Box Gallery – Portland, United States
Daughters of Onionland • Jan Brandt Gallery – Bloomington, United States
Exposed Photography show • SuperWonder Gallery – Toronto, Canada
Ramp Up Auction • Stop Gap Foundation – Toronto, Canada
Salon of Inclusiveness • Black Cat Gallery – Toronto, Canada

Group Opening Show • Bezpala Brown Gallery – Toronto, Canada
Wine and Charitable Auction Night • Advocate’s Society – Toronto, Canada
Tiff Fall group Show • The Spoke Club – Toronto, Canada
Arbomb Art Marketplace Auction Event • The Spoke Club – Toronto, Canada
Snap! Photography Auction • Arta Gallery – Toronto, Canada

Breaking Ground • Mona Gallery – Charlotte, United States
Instant Stints of Intervals • Casa Loma – Toronto, Canada
Sustain, Eco Art and Design Exhibition • University Museum – Carbondale, US

ORT Toronto Art Auction • Telus Centre – Toronto, Canada
Arbomb Art Battle Holiday Art Bash • The Roundhouse – Toronto, Canada
Arbomb Art Marketplace Auction Event • The Spoke Club – Toronto, Canada
I Think I am the Water • Mona Gallery – Charlotte, United States
Group Show • Gallery Catalyst – Toronto, Canada
Group Show • Mona Gallery – Charlotte, United States
Iseamonster Frida Kahlo Show • Hashtag Gallery – Toronto, Canada
Gallery Opening Exhibition • Gallery Catalyst – Toronto, Canada
Waddington’s Contemporary Art Auction • Waddington’s – Toronto, Canada

Glimmer, POV Charity Auction Event • Arta Gallery – Toronto, Canada
Full Frame Show • IMA Gallery – Toronto, Canada
Fairytales in the City • Fleurbain – Montreal, Canada
Put a Bird on it • Hashtag Gallery – Toronto, Canada
I Sea Monster Group Show • Gladstone Hotel – Toronto, Canada
Beautiful Me • Bezpala Brown Gallery – Toronto, Canada
Contact Photography Festival: Exposed • Gladstone Hotel – Toronto, Canada
PhotoForum Group Show • Galerie Les Territoires – Montreal, Canada
Snap! Winners Exhibit • Akasha Art Projects – Toronto, Canada
Intimate Gestures • Studio 407 – Toronto, Canada
Eco-Art Show • Gallery 1313 – Toronto, Canada

Applied Arts Winners show • Artscape Wynchwood Barns – Toronto, Canada
Contact Festival: Maximum Exposure • Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada
Function Exhibition • Steam Whistle Brewery – Toronto, Canada

Group Show • Susan Kristjansson Gallery – Sarnia, Canada
Eunoia Project • Birdo Flugas – Tokyo, Japan
TedX exhibition • Ted Talks at Ryerson – Toronto, Canada
Maximum Exposure • Propeller Gallery – Toronto, Canada
ArtCetera • Elora Centre for the Arts – Toronto, Canada
Group Show • Red Bull Gallery – Toronto, Canada
Contact Photography Festival • 918 Bathurst – Toronto, Canada
The Human Subject • IMA Gallery – Toronto, Canada
Group Show Exhibit • IMA Gallery – Toronto, Canada

Vistek Art Show • Vistek Gallery – Toronto, Canada
Grounded • WhipperSnapper Gallery – Toronto, Canada
Maximum Exposure • Lennox Contemporary Gallery – Toronto, Canada
Art for Chilled Hearts • WhipperSnapper Gallery – Toronto, Canada

Group Show and Sale Exhibit • IMA Gallery – Toronto, Canada
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Artist Works
Take My Breath Away
3,000.00 USD
2,000.00 USD
Goddess of Nature in The Sea
1,800.00 USD
Nobody Said it Was Easy
3,000.00 USD
Goddess of Nature with Wings
1,800.00 USD
Dream on Window Sill
500.00 USD
This is Your Life Now
1,400.00 USD
Under the Sky
2,000.00 USD
280.00 USD
Whenever I'm Alone With You
3,000.00 USD
Away She Flies
3,000.00 USD
Goddess of The Forest
1,800.00 USD
Dream Cherry
500.00 USD
You are The Sunshine
3,000.00 USD
Close to Shore
2,000.00 USD
Above Water
2,000.00 USD
I'm Never Gonna Dance Again
3,000.00 USD
Dream Collapse
500.00 USD
I Can See the Perfect Sky
3,000.00 USD
From This Broken Hill
3,000.00 USD
Surreal Dream in Blue
500.00 USD
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